Host Guarantee

The Host Trust & Guarantee Program allocates up to XXXX (BDT) to eligible hosts who have made a proper claim to the damaged property by their guest and meet the requirements for financial assistance.

Our Host Trust & Guarantee Program does not protect cash, jewels, pets, artworks, or other valuables that might be damaged during the guest’s stay.

The Host Guarantee Program is not a substitute for insurance or a host’s own home/property insurance as the owner or tenant of the property. It is the responsibility of each host to check and fully understand the terms of their insurance policy and what it covers and does not. Not all insurances cover damages or losses caused by a rented guest.

Requesting Money for Property Damage

If, as a host, you need to request money from a past guest for services, damages, or other, please do the following:
1. Fill out our Request for Money Form to state your claim within 7 days of the guest’s check out or before the next guest’s check-in
2. Our team will then email the PDF record to you both on cc to enable a friendly agreement to be reached within 7 days.
3. Once an agreement has been made, please notify us about the agreed terms and we will manage any necessary transfers.
If you are unable to reach an agreement within 7 days, our claims team will step in.